Dublin Annual Trade Tasting - 7 February 2024
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Dublin Annual Trade Tasting - 7 February 2024
Appellation Marlborough WineAppellation Marlborough Wine

Appellation Marlborough Wine


There’s no place in the works like Marlborough, and no wine in the world that tastes like ours and we believe that is worth protecting.

Appellation Marlborough Wine was introduced and trademarked registered in 2018 to safeguard Marlborough Wine, initially focussed on Sauvignon Blanc, whose purity and flavour intensity has earned it a phenomenal global reputation. With this global demand, comes the proliferation of players and a range of quality expectations, which can put this hard-earned reputation at risk. AMW has been established to safeguard Marlborough wine for future generations to enjoy and provide assurance to consumers who seek wine of provenance, authenticity and integrity.

Any wine carrying the AMW icon is made from 100% Marlborough grapes, grown sustainably in Marlborough vineyards and bottled in New Zealand, guaranteeing every part of the production process from vine to bottle occurs under strict New Zealand regulations.

Always look for the AMW icon on the label.

There's no place in the world like Marlborough, and no wine in the world that tastes like ours, especially our Sauvignon Blanc. We believe that it is worth protecting.


Because there’s no place in the world like Marlborough.


Because it takes more than good luck to make great wine.


Because Marlborough wine should be just that.


Because Marlborough wine is a natural gift, worth protecting.


AMW Certified Wines

All of our wines proudly carry the AMW icon on their label, guaranteeing they are wines of provenance, made with integrity and bottled in New Zealand. The AMW icon is the only guarantee a wine is 100% pure Marlborough. Nothing else, no exceptions.

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Dublin Annual Trade Tasting - 7 February 2024
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